Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Testing Positive...It's a Good Thing!

For some time I didn't want to show my work to others.  I wanted to opportunity to go through what I had written and make changes.  And I make a lot of changes!  I'm not your typical spontaneous prose writer like Jack Kerouac.  When I felt good about my writing, I'd then present it to others. 

When I was younger I wrote a couple of screen plays.  They were absolute garbage.  You'd think the most difficult part of the entire writing process would actually entail the writing.  It didn't.  The most challenging part for me was to get people to read my work.  The first place I'd turn would be family and friends.  Often they'd start, but never finish.  The first tell-tale sign that your words have potentially devalued the single sheet of paper they were written on.  Now that I've gotten people to take a solid look at my current manuscript - and actually run the entire gauntlet -  it gives me confidence I'm moving in the right direction.

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