Monday, August 20, 2012

In the Beginning... first post.  Let me start out by saying that this is not a 'How-to' as far as self publishing is concerned.  If anything, it might serve useful as a 'How-not-to' in regards to getting your book self published.  I'm not an expert, this isn't my job, and as cliche as it may sound - This Is A Passion.

For some time I've been pondering the idea of writing a book.  I mean, who hasn't?  Over the past year I've compiled a nearly completed manuscript, and as I put the finishing touches on it I've begun to dive deeper into the murky waters of self publishing.  And believe me, I'm starting to realize there's a lot of crude that one has to wade through.  As of now, I'm going to take the high road and do much of it on my own - formatting, cover, promotion, you name it!  Given that, my non-expert expertise makes me think I've marginalized the book's chances for success.  We shall see!        

So why do a blog?  Isn't there enough crap out there on self publishing?  Why make the waters any murkier?  Well, self interest usually lies at the bottom of most people's intentions.  This is no different.  The primary purpose of this blog is to record the process of self publishing.  There's another book that I'd like to write, and it'd be nice to remember the mistakes I made this go-round.  Thus, I may be including some random nonsense or inconsequential posts where it looks like I'm writing/talking to myself.  Which is probably because I am.  With any luck I'll make the process of self publishing my next bestseller that much easier.  Umm...yeah!  

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