Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Cover Attempt

So I've continued playing around with the GIMP photo shop program.  I created another cover - keeping in mind some of the constructive criticism I received from the last covers.  Then I posted it on the Kindle Forums to get some feedback.  I thought everyone might poke some holes in it, but I actually got some praise for my work.  Here it is...

People liked the colors, as well as the chopsticks.  However, the white space is being wasted.  Also, the sign is a bit out of place - which I agree.  So where to go from here?

Instead of trying to continue my own design, I may commission another person to do it.  I know, this is going to cost me after all.  The original idea was to do everything myself, and just learn as I go.  I think I have learned the basics of GIMP, but the bottom line is that I'm not a talented graphic designer.  Ultimately, if I create my own cover it could come at the expense of the book's overall appeal.  Plus, I think that perhaps I'm too close to the project and another person's creative mind might complement my work.  We shall see!

Also wanted to throw up another little image I created.  It's the header of my blog, which is currently being revamped.  The image is rounded, but the colors at each corner are colored to blend in with the background.  This was also done using GIMP.


  1. So, will we get an update now that the book is published?